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Easter Egg Dye Ad from 1956Caligraph Ad From 1890Travelers of Hartford Life Insurance Ad From 1889Photo Master Candid Camera Ad From 1945RCA Victor Televisions Ad From 1956General Telephone System Ad From 1956Ausable Horse Nails Ad From 1892French's Bird Seed Ad From 1941Rhodes Kriss Kross Stropper (Razor Blade Sharpener) Ad From 1929Swan Pens Ad From 1920Kliptiko Construction Toy Ad From 1920Steam Yachts and Pleasure Boats Ad From 1890Tarvia Asphalt Ad From 1911Babyland Games and Subscription Ad From 1886Maxim Silencer Ad From 1920Duplex Safety Pin Ad From 1907Gravity Washer Ad From 1907New Home Sewing Machine Ad From 1887Premier Camera Ad From 1892New England Ambassador Watch Ad From 1905